HMAS Brisbane 2 Tank Dive


The Ex-HMAS Brisbane dive site

Ex-HMAS Brisbane, a decommissioned guided-missile destroyer is located just 2.9 nautical miles offshore, making it an easy venture out and is available to dive all year round. Sitting bolt upright, the Ex-HMAS Brisbane has 15 metres of water over her forward decks and 18 metres over her stern. Consistently good water clarity and minimal swell make for excellent diving.

Explore outside the wreck and encounter an abundance of local aquatic sea life that inhabits her. Discover the depths of her hull, enter the engine room or even visit the control room where her kill switches are still intact.

Local inhabitants include a large bull & eagle rays,angler fishlionfishblenniesnudibranchssea haressquid and a school of juvenile red emperor and snapper. Other visitors include shovelled nose raysgreasy cod and eagle rays. An octopus has made a home in a pyrotechnic tube on the deck, while a resident school of predatory yellow-tailed kingfish now ‘buzz’ the schools of bait fish surrounding the Ex-HMAS Brisbane. Up to 10 huge Queensland grouper have been seen at one time off the bow of the ship. A turtle has taken up residency on the aft funnel, and eagle rays cruise between the two funnels.

There’s also a considerable amount of soft corals to be seen, and hard corals are really getting established as well.

Water temperatures range from 17C in winter to a summer high of 27CVisibility averages around 15 metres, but up to 20 metres or more is not uncommon.



Dive one of the world’s best wreck sites, the Ex-HMAS Brisbane. Located less than 3 miles offshore, this decommissioned guided-missile destroyer now serves as an artificial reef and home to many marine animals.

Each dive is planned to last for either 50 minutes or will end to have you on the surface with 50 bar (whichever one comes first).

Every dive is different depending on the conditions that day and time. Usually, the first dive will explore the length and outside of the Ex-HMAS Brisbane. The second dive will discover the depths and inside of the vessel.

Between dives, you will come up for a surface interval where you are provided snacks and water. Feel free to bring along your own snacks if you have allergies or would like more substantial food.

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