Flinders Reef 2 Tank Dive


Flinders Reef has an amazing diversity of fish and marine creatures including more than 175 species of fish, many species of Turtles, and in the winter months, migrating Whales.

Flinders reef also has many pinnacles, swim-throughs, ledges, and even a sunken trawler.



Day trips to World class scuba diving sites right here on Brisbane’s doorstep, including Flinders Reef, Moreton Bay Marine Park and Stradbroke Island.

Travel time to our dive sites is approximately one hour during which we pass through Amity Banks and cross the South Passage Bar. A great place to keep your eyes peeled for dugongs, dolphins and more.

Our dive sites are carefully selected each day according to prevailing weather conditions, tides and level of experience of each diver on board. Once safely moored at one of twenty possible sites, you will be given a thorough dive briefing by one of our professional Divemasters or Instructors on board before being assisted into your scuba gear.

Diving in a marine park environment allows us to observe a huge array of marine life from the small but very colourful Sea Anemones and Nudibranchs to much larger creatures such as Hawksbill and Loggerhead turtles, Manta Rays and during winter – Humpback Whales and Grey Nurse Sharks.

Our dive site depths vary from five to thirty metres. Dive times regularly range between 35 to 60 mins allowing you plenty of time to explore each site. Average visibility of Stradbroke Island is 15 to 20 metres with 35 to 40 metres not uncommon. Water temperature ranges in our Summer season of November to April vary from 24 to 28 degrees. May to October temperatures vary from 19 to 22 degrees.

As a broad outline – a double dive day pricing for Moreton Bay Dive sites:

  • $150 – No equipment required (You will be bringing everything ) ‘BASE RATE’
  • $175 -Tanks & Weights required
  • $220- Tanks, Weights, BCD, Regulator with Diver Computer
  • $250 – Tanks, Weights, BCD, Regulator with Dive Computer, Wetsuit, Mask & Snorkel, Fins & Booties

Please let me know what equipment you have prior to booking so we can configure the correct price for you.